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The new Ford Ranger featuring four motors instead of two, working LED headlights and spotlights, MP4, iPhone and iPod sockets so your child can plug their device in and listen to his or her favourite tunes.

It also features  2x12V-7AH rechargeable batteries, comfortable leather seats, USB/SD sockets, working FM radio and a bluetooth remote control system for the parents whose little ones cannot yet control the car themselves.

This car can be used in two ways with remote control or pedal control.

  • Product Size: 139cm long, 75cm wide, 51cm high
  • Net Weight: 30kg
  • Gross Weight: 36kg
  • 2x12V-7AH Lead Acid Battery
  • Four 35w Motors (140w Total)
  • Upgraded Motors (12000 RPM)
  • Licensed By Ford
  • Two Seats
  • Leather Seats
  • Seat Belts
  • Start Ignition with Key Start
  • Steering Wheel has Horn Sound Affects
  • Working FM Radio
  • Opening Hood
  • Two Opening Doors
  • Opening Tailgate
  • Working LED Headlights
  • Working LED Spotlights
  • MP4 / IPHONE/ IPOD Sockets
  • USB / SD Sockets
  • Foot Pedal Accelerator Mode
  • 2.4G Bluetooth Remote Control System (Three Speeds)
  • 4 Wheel Drive Switch between 2 Wheel and 4 Wheel Drive
  • Forward/Reverse Gears
  • Auto Brake on Release
  • Two Side Mirrors
  • Eva Foam Tyres (For a Soft Ride)
  • Power Indicator
  • Back Wheel Spring Suspension
  • Suitable for Ages 1-7yrs
  • Suitable for Children up to 35Kg
  • Suitable for all Hard Surfaces
  • Maximum Speed: 3-7km/h
  • Charge Time: 8-10hrs (Full Charge)
  • Drive Time: 1-1.5hrs (Full Charge)
  • Easy to Assemble (Comes with Instructions)

Note: 2X12v batteries are run parallel to increase playtime not power. Motors still run as a 12 volt car.

  • Battery Operated Car
  • SAA – approved Battery Charger
  • Bluetooth Remote Control
  • Instructions

Battery not included in warranty. When charging the car do not exceed 10hrs as this will do damage to the battery. Battery life, rechargeable approximately 300 times.

These cars need to be assembled, or we can assemble for you for an extra cost.


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